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Exoskeleton E-Helper

Medical exoskeletons are intended for the rehabilitation of patients after temporary loss mobility of the lower limbs, as well as for constant use by people with full loss of functionality of the lower extremities.

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Matti (Virtual Rehabilitation): Matti is a simple, innovative sensor mat that combines technology with physiotherapeutic science. Matti works in Following areas: • Sports Rehabilitation Lower Limbs • Fall problems • Core stability • CP • DCD • Neurorehabilitation Matti can be used for Children, Adults & Elderly. Following are some of the pathologies, Matti’s can help in: Children • DCD • CP • ADHD • Post operative Adults • NAH • Sports injuries • Movement activation • Rehabilitation prostheses Elderly • Fall prevention • Brain Hemorrhage • Movement activation • Cognitive Technical: Dimensions: 1370x1300x10mm Flexible: Yes Storage: Flexible, Rollable LED - Grid: 18 x 18 grid Sensitive area: 1200 x 1200 mm

Cryo Thermal Therapy

qmd® cryo-thermal – complete system

The qmd® cryo-thermal is a therapeutic system to perform the cryotherapy, thermotherapy, the thermal shock and the exclusive contrast therapy®. Through a handpiece with ergonomic grip, it is possible to produce the desired effects through direct contact with the skin. The system does not require gas loading, or emptying of condensation water. Complete with trolley, pc unit, color touch screen 10.1“, and intuitive and user-friendly software. The device is equipped with USB ports to allow remote assistance and software updates without having to remove the device from your medical office.

High Power Laser Therapy

The lasers qmd® are available in the following models:  qmd® eos basic Therapeutic laser 1064nm, 8W, without trolley, easy portability, equipped with standard kit.  qmd® eos Therapeutic laser 1064nm, 8W, complete with trolley for easy movement, equipped with standard kit.  wavelength issues, simultaneously, a pulsed stimulus of the same frequency of the molecule / target mediator; and the third issues a scanning of the frequencies to hit at the same time all mediators and molecules marginally involved. In this way, we are able to treat pain with triple simultaneous actions. Another special feature of this device is the wavelength 1120nm, which acts primarily on serotonin, on dopamine (pain neuro transmitter) and on P substance (muscles).  qmd® eos plus Therapeutic laser 1064nm 15W, with more pow er and faster and more effective treatments, equipped with trolley and standard kit.  qmd® ares 2 wavelengths individually controllable allow more targeted treatments: lasertherapy 808+1064nm 18W, equipped with trolley and standard kit.  kit The unit is completed with the S and M spacers, the footswitch and two pairs of goggles. The device is equipped with USB ports to allow remote assistance and remote software updates without having to remove the device from your medical office.  qmd® helios The top of the qmd range: therapeutic laser 808 + 1064 + 1120nm 24W, complete with trolley and standard kit. The three wavelenghts are individually controlla ble. Thus, for example, in an analgesic treatment, a wavelength issues a superpulsed stimulus (most of the laser devices make only this!); the second  accessories 
  • qmd laser arm including spacer L and 
handpiece with manual stop button; 
  • qmd® cryo-thermal module; 
  • qmd bag for easy and safe movement of you
pc unit from your qmd device.  qmd® laser - model description | 7