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BMI 1055 Traction Machine

BMI 1055 Traction Machine - Uses Traction is a manual technique designed to reduce pressure on affected vertebral discs that are causing pain. Traction is a manual 'stretching' of the spine which reduces pressure on the discs and therefore reduces the individual's pain.

BMI 1057 Traction Bed Four Folds

The fixed height upholstered traction table is ideal for horizontal cervical and lumber traction. The lumber section rolls freely on rollers for friction free lumber pull. Cervical traction angle is controlled by vertical adjustment of the Machine mounting board. Complete with flexion stool.

Traction 3 Fold Bed

Our organization is committed to delivering qualitative assortment and therefore, engaged in manufacturing optimum grade spectrum of Traction 3 Fold Bed. Features: Precisely designed Highly comfortable

Traction 4 Fold Bed

Material Mild Steel
Length 1920 mm
Width 720 mm
Height 840 mm
Wheel Diameter 155 mm

Traction hi-lo Table

Hi-low therapy table with 3 sections and tilting function of three section breathing hole and both hand rest is given in the head section part.   Length  72 inches, width 28 inch, height 20 inches to 40 inch adjustable   The breathing hole section can tilt up to 30 degrees up and 45-degree downside   Middle both sections can tilt up to 30 degrees up and can be drop downside immediately by side handle particularly

Traction Machine

Specifications • Therapy types: Static and Intermittent • Traction force: 4-15 kg in cervical and 20-45 kg in lumber • Force - 90kgs with optional doubler pin. • Hold time : 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 seconds • Rest time : 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 seconds • Timer: Digital 0-30 minutes