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High Power Laser Therapy

UltraCure Multi 25W

The UltraCure Multi 25W laser manufactured by Bio-Med Inc. Lasers embodies versatility among laser devices on the market. Our 4-in-1 UltraCure diode laser incorporates four different wavelengths (650nm, 810nm, 980nm, and 1064nm/915nm options) into a single device. The effectiveness of treating diseases using High Power Laser Therapy has been proven by research. This innovative solution empowers physicians with a faster, more effective non-surgical approach to pain treatment, inflammation reduction and promotion of healing. It is even used in the treatment of diseases in the field of oncology. It also supports rehabilitation, physiotherapy and sports medicine, helping to reduce the effects of injuries and damage to tendons and bone. Here are the four wavelengths:
  • 650nm Accelerates Surface Healing
  • 810nm Increases ATP Production
  • 980nm Improves Circulation
  • 1064nm Penetrates Into Deep Tissue
  • 915nm Enhances Oxygen Delivery
Therapy Hand Pieces: The UltraCure Multi 25W can be equipped with upto 5 lenses, providing you with the flexibility to adjust the beam width for unmatched versatility. Specifications: Laser Type :- UltraCure Multi 25W Operation Mode and Repetition Rate:- CW, Pulse; Up to 20KHz Wavelength and Maximum Power :- 650nm | 300mW | 810 nm 8W | 980nm 8W | 1064 nm 9W Other Model:- UltraCure 15W | Wave Length 1064 nm Pilot Beam:- Red Diode Laser Of 650nm, Power<5mW Control Mode:- 8 inches touch screen Transmission System:- Optical fiber with metal tube, with SMA905 connector, Optical handpiece