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BMI 1299

Hi-Lo ChiroDrop table Features:    - Height adjustable from 48 cm to 95 via remote control  - Adjustable head section featuring double gas struts, adjustable angle from +30° to -75°.  - Able to lift up to 225 kg weight from its lowest height.  - Comes with 4 drop - Cervical Drop, Thoracic Drop, Lumber Drop and Lower Limb Drop  - Straight Down Cervical Drop while all other are Side Drops  - Hydraulic Cervical Flexion  - Hydraulic Cervical Height Adjustment  - All Drops resistance are adjustable - Built on International Quality Standards with CE & ISO certification - Made in best quality CRC pipe  - Comes with inbuilt tissue paper holding system  - Comes with instructional stickers for easy to use - Premium quality Rexine and Craftsmanship    Optional/Additional:
  • Provision of upliftment of Lower Lumbar Drop with Hydraulic switch, through which the lower lumbar section can be lifted up to 60 degree