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BMI 1186 Manual Muscle Tester

The MicroFET 2 Muscle Tester is best used to locate a weakness, not confirm a strength. The proven MicroFET 2 Muscle Tester technology allows you to utilize its accuracy to objectify and prove your clinical findings.

BMI 1189 Lafayette Manual Muscle Tester

The interactive menu allows the user to select a wide range of options, such as, data storage, test times (1-10 seconds) and choice of high and low threshold settings. The large, easy to read LCD screen clearly displays all information, reducing the possibility of reading errors or selecting unwanted options.

BMI 1192 Power Track Digital Muscle Tester

The Muscle Tester adds an advanced dimension to research-proven-reliable dynamometer muscle testing without using a computer;  objectively quantifies strength to identify areas of muscle weakness due to injury or disease. Muscle Tester provides a wealth of information to assist you with planning treatment/rehab, evaluating progress, managing cases and rating impairment.