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Dynamic Deep Stimulation (DDS) – A new dimension in the field of electro-stimulation THE PATENTED STIMAWELL SYSTEM , A REVOLUTION IN THE   FIELD OF ELECTRO-STIMULATION  The design of the StimaWELL® is based on a combination of the latest technologies.  The StimaWELL System combines the pleasurable medium frequen cy electrostimulation with heat therapy and provides a delightful massaging experience.  The 12 Channel stimulation mat which is activated sequentially generates the feeling of a dynamic, floating wave, representing a further development in the classical TENS Therapy - the schwa medico DDS, the dynamic deep stimulation program.  This multi-dimensional electro-stimulation process opens up new avenues for the treatment of your patients. The combination of muscle warming and the floating electro-stimulation effect can lead to impressive therapy success.  Soothing, medium frequency stimulation guarantees both high patient tolerance levels and effective flow. With the StimaWELL System your patients will experience a level of pain relief therapy, muscle training and deep relaxation which until now has not been attained by any other electro-therapy device available on the market.  StimaWELL®  -  12 stimulation channels  -  Combination of stimulation and warmth  -  Application possible in a whole range of diverse fields:     Classical pain relief therapy      Muscle stimulation and muscle training      Deep massaging and wellness  -  highest compliance levels resulting from the feeling of   well-being  -  physiologically adaptable for all back shapes  -  „hands-off“ therapy  -  electrode-free stimulation – no gel necessary  -  highest levels of comfort thanks to the medium frequency       stimulation  -  easy to operate  -  optimum ease of integration in the every day practice   and clinic activities